About Us

About Us

We Provide Virtual and In-Person College Admissions Counseling

At Future Minds our study abroad education consultant will be available on Zoom and provide in-person advice for assistance with college admissions for international and Indian students and parents in the MENA region.

We achieve this by providing a complete ecosystem of complementary solutions and services to empower school leaders, educators, educational institutions and, ultimately, students and their families. This includes Blended Learning programs, international accreditation and professional development services.

Future Minds LLC, a UAE based educational Company, was established by a group of experienced educators from the Middle East, to provide regionally specific content and assistance for schools and educational institutions, following the leading international standards.

Who we are. What we do


Is to assist students and communities in the region in acquiring and providing education that meets the challenges of the global environment.

Who we are. What we do


Is to become a leading regional and international service provuder for the education sector by delivering products and services of the highest international standard.


Certificate in Professional and Life Skills

Certificate in
Advanced Excel

Certificate in Professional and Life Skills

Future Minds Education - Our Services

We are committed to providing students with high quality and individualized exam preparation and tutoring, empowering them to succeed, whether that be applying to universities in the U.S

Test Preparation Programs

 Test Prep Programs to score high on your standardized test. Know more about SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. Find the right program to fit your learning style in a group or a customized setting.

University Admission

It is a daunting process to prepare and apply to your dream universities. Future Minds team is there to help you navigate your way to your dream college. From selecting the right university to creating a beautiful story, you will have a friend to help you.


While you build a strong profile for your college applications, you also get to explore your own interests and hone your skills. Work with Future Minds tram to identify right summer programs, internships and volunteering opportunities.


Like our fingerprints, everyone has a different mind print. Our Cognitive assessment will help you identify your strengths and interests to help you decide on your subjects, internships, programs, and career options for your life.

University Admission Consultants in Dubai

We transform goals into reality

Future Minds offers the best and most efficient university admission consultants in Dubai. The admission consultancy is based on the career interests, profile, major, and universities of interest. The students are matched with a consultant that has more than 10 years of experience in the domain and has shown 100% success results. The team at Future Minds offers International education consultants in Dubai for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Programs. At Future Minds, all the resources, be it human or digital is employed most efficiently to design a success-strategy for every student. We have helped millions of students in realizing their dreams of getting a global education. The consultants at Sage have assisted students for university admissions in the reputed universities of the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. From application to final admission, Sage offers the complete university admission consultants in Dubai. With an expert and efficient team at your disposal, all you have to focus on is the test and giving your best hit at it. Rest, everything can be left to us!

Education Consultants in Dubai

Guidance from experienced professionals and expert counsellors is essential to finalize the stream to pursue or the higher education field to choose. Advises from the educational consultants will be pivotal in designing a student’s future. They will comprehend the flaws, strengths, and interests of the aspirant, and help accordingly.
Instituted to enhance and prepare students to perform exceptionally well during various international competitive and entrance exams, and guide them to select the right higher education course, Future Minds  has been successfully elevating the lives of students. The field of education witnesses constant changes, hence, an approach oriented to analyse the arena is vital to obtain the right insight and avoid precarious moves.

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