Computer Science Programs
Computer Science Programs emphasizes both theoretical and practical research, with research activities taking place in a variety of areas, including human computer interactions, virtual reality, embedded systems, networks and distributed systems, computer theory and algorithms, big data processing, natural language processing, multimedia analysis, information security etc. The School is committed to educating talents with a great sense of social responsibility and a strong competitive edge, and promotes the holistic development of the students.

DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)

Diploma in Computer Application course details includes providing students with the foundational subjects and concepts in computer science. DCA course job opportunities are available in various areas of recruitment such as air force, software development, electricity departments, telephone industries, data entry, BPOs, KPO etc. The curriculum typically covers topics on computer networks, internet concepts, and web design basics. Through practical sessions and projects, students gain hands-on experience in various computer applications. This diploma equips individuals with essential computer skills necessary for entry-level positions in offices, IT support roles, data entry, or serves as a foundation for further studies in computer science or related fields.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is a one year long professional post-graduate programme for candidates wanting to delve deeper into the world of computer application development. This programme is designed to provide higher level education in Information Technologies. Graduates of Arts, Science, Management & Commerce stream who wish to make a long-term career in Information Technology can choose this course and have requisite strong foundation for pursuing masters in Information Technology.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Diploma in Web Designing is a certification course for students who are seeking to learn the fundamentals of web designing after completing their 10th . This is a 6 month long course where the students are taught about some basic tools and Web coding languages that are useful for web designing. Certificate courses in web designing are important for students willing to seek a career as a web designer.
It is useful for candidates who may like to work as an IT professional as it helps them acquire professional skills and knowledge. The curriculum provides teachings of HTML, CSS, PHP, and other languages that are used to build a website.

B. Sc.

BSc Computer Science, abbreviated as BSc CS, is a 3-year undergraduate program that deals with the subjects and topics related to computer science, computer application, and its services. The main aim of this program is to create quality professionals and research fellows who can work in every sector of the world by implementing the technology of computer systems and software.
B.Sc. IT (Information Technology) is a three-year-long undergraduate degree in information technology. IT concerned with the storage, processing, and management of an organization data. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programme is to prepare students how to manage large amounts of information of a company, evaluate the operation of computer systems and network servers, and prevent unnecessary difficulties in data transmission.
Bachelor of Science in Textile Design is an Under-Graduate Fashion and Interior Designing course. The Bachelor of Science course in Textile Design covers the study of the concepts and processes of creating designs for knitted, woven or printed fabrics, embroidery designs, print, weave, colour detailing, texture, etc using scientific principles and computer applications.

M. Sc.

MSc Computer Science is a two-year post-graduation program with the objective to develop advanced programming skills and strategies to solve various logical challenges using different programming languages. MSc Computer Science or MSc CS focuses more on developing software and networking-based skills.
Master of Science or MSc in information technology IT is a 2 years long post-graduate level master degree program. MSc IT aims to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge on topics like software development, data mining, computer systems, analytics etc.
MSc in Textile Design is a programme which also aims to offer an in-depth understanding of global fashion trends and requirements to potential designers. The course curriculum lays emphasis on design conceptualisation, creative application, independent research, and artistic expression. It provides the students who wish to follow their chosen path with a design-focused environment to generate a range of design-oriented, decision-making skills that are an essential requirement in the fashion industry.

M.C.A. or Master of Computer Applications (LEET)

M.C.A. or Master of Computer Applications (LEET) is a postgraduate Information Technology course. Computer Application is the use of a computer to solve a specific problem or to accomplish a particular job for an end user. For example, common business computer applications include sales order processing, inventory control, and payroll. The 2-year programme is divided into four semesters and provides an in-depth understanding of key concepts.

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

MCA course is a two-years PG course designed for aspirants who want to excel in the world of technology. Master of Computer Applications is thriving with endless opportunities in both the public and private sectors. The course trains the students in the various aspects of computer programs, application software, computer architecture, operating systems and many more. Promising MCA course candidates can also expect to get hired by the world-best MNCs and IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

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