Fashion Designing Programs
Fashion Technology Programs offers professional education in the field of Design, Technology & Management of fashion, textile and apparel industry. The School of Fashion Technology endeavors to create professionals who can understand the dysfunctional areas of Fashion & Apparel Industry. The objective of this program is to inculcate in the students the aptitude and skills to work as professionals in various India is 2nd largest producer of textile & garments. This industry is 2nd largest provider of employment in the country and contributes significant percentage of Net foreign exchange earnings of the country.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Diploma in fashion designing course helps the candidates strategize and render services in the fashion and lifestyle industry, through practical and hands on experience. Candidates who have cleared 10+2 from a recognized board are eligible to apply. Students learn design principles, garment construction, textile selection, and fashion illustration. The curriculum often includes modules on fashion trends, color theory, and pattern making. Through practical projects, students develop their design skills and create portfolios showcasing their work. This diploma equips individuals with the foundational knowledge and practical expertise needed to pursue careers in fashion design, garment production, retail merchandising, or to further their education in the dynamic world of fashion.

B.Sc. Fashion Designing

B.Sc. in fashion designing is a three-year undergraduate degree program deals with different aspects of fashion and designing such as leather design, jewellery design, footwear design, interior design, garment design, and more such related areas. Candidates aspiring to become fashion designers must consider B.Sc. in fashion design as their bachelor’s degree programme. This program often includes practical projects, internships, or fashion shows, allowing students to showcase their designs. Additionally, it may incorporate business and management modules relevant to the fashion sector. Graduates gain a well-rounded understanding of design, production, and marketing, preparing them for diverse career paths in fashion design, retail, merchandising, or entrepreneurial ventures within the vibrant world of fashion.

M.Sc. Fashion Designing

Master of Science in Fashion Designing offers advanced studies in the creative and strategic realms of the fashion industry. This course evokes personal creativity and design philosophy to create new designs and styles in the fashion industry. Students learn various aspects of textile, garments, fashion, apparel manufacturing, the art of designing and prints, and many other subjects which are required to be an expert in this subject or domain throughout the course. Students explore research methodologies and might undertake projects focusing on design innovation or sustainability in fashion. Graduates gain expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and managing fashion projects, preparing them for leadership roles in design houses, fashion enterprises, consulting firms, or entrepreneurial pursuits in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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