Hospitality Management Programs
Hospitality management Program and Tourism provides knowledge on how the hotels are run, the management, hotel administration, and skills to attend to the customer. The growing speed of the hotel industry is giving ample job opportunities and hence NIILM University helps to choose a career of their own choice. Hospitality and tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. This growth has led to creation of huge opportunities for students. NIILM`s Hotel Management institute grooms students through industry endorsed curriculum and intensive service oriented practical by faculty with industry exposure, in excellent infrastructure. B.SC., M.Sc., CERTICATE COURSE, DIPLOMA and Ph.D in Hotel Management & Tourism focuses on equipping students with the needed skills to run a hospitality-based business.

Certificate in Hotel Management

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Diploma in Hotel Management

The Diploma in Hotel Management offers a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry. It delves into various facets including front office operations, food and beverage management, housekeeping, event planning, and customer service. This program often includes practical training, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in different hotel departments. Additionally, it covers aspects of business management relevant to the hospitality sector, such as marketing, finance, and human resource management. Graduates of this diploma program are well-equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for managerial roles within the thriving hotel and hospitality industry.


B.Sc. Hotel Management & Tourism

The B.Sc in Hotel Management & Tourism is a multidisciplinary program combining hospitality management with tourism studies. It covers various aspects of hotel operations, including front office management, food and beverage services, housekeeping, and event management. Additionally, it explores the broader scope of tourism, focusing on travel trends, destination management, tour operations, and sustainable tourism practices. Students gain insights into business strategies, customer service, and cultural aspects crucial for managing hotels and exploring diverse career paths within the dynamic hospitality and tourism sectors. This degree program prepares graduates for roles in hotel management, tourism agencies, event planning, and related fields.

M.Sc. Hotel Management

The M.Sc in Hotel Management offers an advanced understanding of the intricacies within the hospitality industry. It covers sophisticated aspects of hotel operations, strategic planning, revenue management, and guest experience enhancement. This program often includes modules on leadership, organizational behavior, and innovation within the hospitality sector. Students delve into research methodologies and might engage in practical projects to address industry challenges. The degree equips graduates with a deep understanding of managerial techniques, preparing them for high-level roles in hotel chains, luxury resorts, and other hospitality enterprises, where they can lead teams and drive operational excellence in the dynamic hospitality domain.

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