Media And Mass Communication Programs
Journalism is gathering information, collating it and creating something informative out of it. Apart from these basic roles, a journalist is also required to comment on events being reported but diplomatically, to not influence any reader too strongly. The Media and Mass Communication Programs provides UG, PG programs to the students with basic journalistic skills in various mass media, to expose students to recent developments in media issues and media research, to strengthen the foundations for various technologies involved in mass media like computer applications, respective software, and hardware in print, radio, television, internet and the likes.


BA – Journalism & Mass Communication is an undergraduate for the students who aspire and want to pursue their career in the field of journalism and media. This course helps students to learn about various journalistic and media skills which will help them to build their foundation to understand the basic concepts of this field. It incorporates study of liberal arts, broadcast journalism, different fundamentals of journalism, media and communication.


MA Journalism & Mass Communication gives training to the students in both technical skills and critical analysis of the media spectrum. The course includes the study of mass media such as newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television etc in order to convey information to the audience.

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