Social Science & Humanities Programs
The Humanities and Social Sciences Programs, comprising the disciplines of Economics, English, Geography, History, Public administration, Psychology and Sociology and so on, is an integral component of academic life. The doctoral programme in the various disciplines under the school is also in the implementation. The courses are enhanced by the complementarity of research undertaken by the Faculty. The School also links the development of courses to the ever-expanding socio-economic and political contexts in which School of Humanities and Social Science processes occur. Humanities and social sciences are inextricably linked since they both examine humanity and its development. Humanities are a range of academic disciplines that investigate what it means to be a human by reading literature, history, and philosophy from around the world. That is how we express ourselves, communicate our ideas, and become our warm-self. Everything comes down to human culture and legacy. In contrast, social sciences use a scientific approach to studying human relationships and society. It focuses on time periods, environments, and cultures that are beyond human influence. It is concerned with both human society and natural science. Social sciences include administration, political science, psychology, education, and economics.


Embark on a journey into the captivating world of knowledge management with our D.Lib program!
The Diploma in Library and Information equips you with the skills to curate, organize, and navigate the vast seas of information. Dive into the art of cataloging, digital archiving, and cutting-edge information technology. From mastering classification systems to honing research methodologies, this program blends theory with hands-on experience. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares you to become a steward of information, empowering you to excel in libraries, information centers, and beyond.
Join us to unlock the gateway to a fulfilling career in the ever-evolving world of information sciences!


The BA course is curated to equip students with all the required knowledge on art and humanities which helps them with significant growth in career options after BA such as content writer, teacher, journalist, translator, etc.
Our engaging curriculum blends theory with real-world applications, fostering critical thinking and global perspectives. Join us to discover the endless possibilities this multifaceted B.A. offers, empowering you to shape narratives and contribute meaningfully to the world.


Dive into the heart of knowledge management and information sciences, mastering the art of curation, organization, and dissemination. From traditional libraries to cutting-edge digital archives, this program equips you with advanced cataloging techniques, research methodologies, and information technology skills. Engage in hands-on learning, exploring classification systems and modern data management tools. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares you to be a trailblazer in the evolving field of information, empowering you to excel as a guardian of knowledge in libraries, research institutions, and beyond.
Join us to unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of information stewardship!


Learn from expert teachers, and uncover new perspectives. This engaging journey blends theory and practical knowledge, empowering you to become a knowledgeable leader in your field of interest. Whether it’s understanding human behavior or deciphering cultural nuances, our program prepares you for a fulfilling career path or further academic pursuits.
Join us to expand your horizons and shape your future with knowledge!


Discover advanced cataloging techniques, explore digital archives, and master modern tools for data management. Led by experienced faculty, our program combines hands-on learning with in-depth theory, preparing you for a career as an information expert in libraries, research institutions, or beyond. Become a guardian of knowledge, shaping the way information is accessed and used. Join us to embrace the evolving world of information sciences and make a meaningful impact in the realm of knowledge!

Post Graduation Diploma in Translation

This program equips you with practical tools and techniques to excel in translating various content, from literary works to technical documents. Led by seasoned professionals, learn to navigate cultural nuances and refine your translation expertise. Gain hands-on experience, preparing you for a rewarding career as a proficient translator.
Join us to unlock the door to a world where languages converge, empowering you to connect diverse communities through the power of translation!

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