Vocational Studies Programs
Vocational education is education that prepares people to a skilled craft as an artisan, trade as a tradesperson, or work as a technician. Vocational Education can also be seen as that type of education given to an individual to prepare that individual to be gainfully employed or self-employed with requisite skill. The vocational type of education is designed to make students “work ready” upon graduation. It provides practical education, so students develop specific industry skills that allow them to jump right into your profession and get started. Key features of vocational education and training are classroom training combined with hands-on training, providing students with a complete understanding of concepts in their field and how to carry out the duties of their trade.


Diploma in Vocational courses(D.Voc) can be attained in any program, a D.Voc course duration is of 3 years, Future Minds Education is offering different D.Voc courses. Candidates who have successfully completed their 10th standard can further apply for a D.Voc in any specific course, they can apply for the admission. There are various D.Voc programs, which one can opt for & After the completion of the course, A D.Voc certificate holder has numerous career opportunities in the public as well as private sector and also have the option to continue the higher studies.

Advanced Diploma in Vocational Studies.



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